Swallow and continue?

Alcohol and drugs. There's a lot to tell about that. They react to each other in different ways. And what is true: dosed drinking in combination with medicines is not harmful or drinking in combination with medicines is never a good idea? You read it here.

The two modes of interaction between alcohol and drugs are best described as follows:

The liver plays a major role in the breakdown process of everything we put into our bodies. Alcohol and medicines are also broken down here. When you drink alcohol, your liver prioritizes its breakdown. If you use medication for this, the same system is further burdened. In the long run this can cause problems.

The second way of interaction is that alcohol different effects has on our body. For example: sometimes alcohol makes you more relaxed and you sprinkle with jokes. But over time - read: after so many drinks - this feeling can turn into drowsiness or fatigue. Certain medications - such as anti-allergy drugs and also antidepressants - can enhance these feelings.

Dosed drinking or not at all?

Whether you can continue to drink alcohol with the medications you are taking, of course, depends entirely on your alcohol consumption and the type of medication. However, if you drink a lot, you will eventually notice that the liver works less well. As a result, medication is no longer broken down properly. It is therefore wise to ask your doctor for advice about alcohol in combination with your type of medication. If you have to take medication for a short time, it is good and also easier not to drink alcohol for a while.

Sleep medication and alcohol

Sleeping pills and sedatives have the same effect as alcohol: they have a strengthening effect. So when you combine them, you get the effects in duplicate. In most cases, this means that it makes you extra drowsy and sleepy. In any case, it is a strange combination, because you take sleeping pills to sleep better, while alcohol has a negative effect on the quality of sleep. It's the worst nightcap in the world. Source: hln.be.

In all cases of doubt, consult your doctor about the combination of alcohol and medication.


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