Self-nudging helps you with an alcohol break

Self watts? Self-nudges are methods that ensure that you make a different, healthier choice without financial incentives. And self-nudging just might help you have a successful alcohol break.

Self-nudging is nothing new. Many companies, including the government, apply this. For example, think of a filled fruit basket at eye level in an office space. For example, as an employee you are tempted to opt for an apple (because it is close by and free) rather than those Snickers from the vending machine down the hall.

The 5 self-nudge techniques

To avert impulses and temptations (read: not to succumb to your favorite alcoholic drink) there are a number of self-nudge techniques you can apply. Do they come:

  1. Don't bring it home

What isn't there can't be done. So make sure that your drink stock goes out or disappears in some other way (= sink)

  1. Provide alternatives

Because you don't have any alcohol in your house and you want to drink something tasty every now and then, make sure you have enough alternatives. Think of your favorite soft drink, a refreshing lemonade, enough crodino, surprising tea flavors or take a look at Here you will find a lot of non-alcoholic recipes.

  1. Make the benefits your mantra

Determine for yourself the benefits of an alcohol break. We give a first step: better sleep, fresh mornings, more energy and money left over, for example. Repeat these benefits regularly so you know what you're doing it for.

  1. The if-then plan

Your goal: not to drink alcohol this month. The if-then approach helps you achieve your goal. For example: 'If I have a party, I will inform the host that I do not drink alcohol. Or I'll bring my own non-alcoholic alternative.' In other words: make a plan so that certain situations do not cause surprises.

  1. Tell it!

An extra motivation to achieve your goal can be to inform (as many people as possible) of your goal 'no alcohol for a month'. Of course you do this for yourself, but your environment can be a great support.



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