Do you smell a hangover there? 

31 Aug 2021 / Topical / Background

It's late in the morning. You enter the bedroom where your partner/adult child is sleeping off his intoxication. The tears immediately spring to your eyes. What a smell! Open the window, NOW! Before you go off the bat. One thing is certain: alcohol will not make you smell any better.

If you've been drinking heavily, your body wants to break down and release the alcohol as quickly as possible. This 'discharging' takes place in different ways. About 10 percent of alcohol leaves the body through breath, sweat and urine. The other 90 percent is actively broken down in the body. Going back to that 10 percent: that is not a pleasant combination. A hangover is accompanied by a smelly breath and ditto armpits.


Waking up after a booze-filled evening is no celebration for anyone. Your breath presses your nose on the stinking facts. You made the fur and you have to pay for it with a wooden head, playing stomach and a few dead birds in your mouth. This is because alcohol is diuretic. In other words, you become dehydrated when you drink alcohol. When your mouth does not produce saliva because you have less fluid in your body, this affects the bacterial balance in the mouth. Saliva keeps the mouth clean. With less saliva, there are more bacteria in the mouth and that starts to smell.

In addition, absorbed alcohol is transported through the blood and passes through various organs, including the lungs. At the alveoli, alcohol molecules can re-enter the airways and be exhaled. This gives an unpleasant smell. Source:

To sweat

Drinking too much alcohol can make you sweat more. You can therefore suffer from a stronger body odor. That's how it works: alcohol causes the blood vessels under the skin to widen. This makes your skin warmer. By sweating, your body tries to bring the temperature down. Source:

Despite all the chewing gum, mouthwash, aftershave and perfume: a hangover penetrates all your pores. The best thing to do is drink plenty of water, rest and keep your mouth shut…

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