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January 15, 2022 / Topical / Background

Sunday rest day. At least…that is the aim. Charging for a new (working) week is not an unnecessary luxury. How do you prefer to spend your Sunday? Reading in a book? Walking in the woods? Drinking coffee on the couch? How about listening to a podcast. Below you will find a selection of 5 podcasts that you must hear.

Language nation

If language is 'really your thing', then these ultra-short fragments will certainly appeal to you. Every podcast you get a masterclass from a language virtuoso, in which he or she presents a painful language error. The presenter -the master- explains to you -uninterested adolescent- in great detail where things go wrong with our language. All with a big fat wink of course, but in the meantime very educational.

Listen to the Taalnatie here

murder cast

Murders shrouded in mystery. Dionne Slagter, and her brother and sidekick Henrik Slagter, take you through several true murder cases. You are completely drawn into the story, because the two take you from the beginning (usually the youth of the perpetrator/victim) to the end (the criminal case). Maybe only listen when you are not home alone…

Listen to the Murdercast here

eating secrets

Do you enjoy everything that has to do with cooking? Then this podcast is really something for you. Miljuschka (former presenter, former who is the Moller and now kitchen princess) talks about food every episode with a celebrity. And then not: what can they wake you up for-talk, but really in depth. For example, they talk about (bad) eating habits and what the celebrities ate as children.

Listen to Eating Secrets here

The Shadow of Dutroux

Brrrr…When hearing the name Marc Dutroux, despite the fact that it has been 25 years in the meantime, many people still have shivers down their spine. In this podcast the whole case is discussed again, but you also hear more about the stories of the victims and the deep traces this case has left in Belgium. Fear of white vans, kidnappings and cellars: how deep is Belgium's trauma 25 years after the arrest of its most notorious child murderer?

Listen here to The Shadow of Dutroux

Partners in crime

At the end of December, just under 2022, the first episode of 'Partners in crime' could be heard. A podcast in which crime journalist and program maker Kees van der Spek talks with colleagues about the world. Every episode Kees talks to a colleague who reports on his work. For example, they share professional secrets about the best undercover techniques and how to ensure that your hidden camera actions actually remain hidden. Well-known crime journalists such as Alberto Stegeman, Mick van Wely and even Peter R. de Vries pass by. Kees van der Spek spoke to Peter R. de Vries shortly before the attempt on his life. A special special. This special can be viewed via Videoland, entitled 'The Last Interview with Peter R.'.

Listen to the first episodes of Partner in crime here




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