Personal coaching process on request

We already mentioned it in the introduction; we're receiving messages from participants who are sorry that the 40-day no-drip challenge is almost over. And whether the support cannot be continued? We looked for a solution and found it. If you are interested, you can sign up for a personal coaching program. Curious?

I will introduce myself and explain what the idea is. I am Helena, 23 years old and I come from Eindhoven. I study Applied Psychology at Fontys Hogeschool in Eindhoven. I am now in the second half of the third year and I have been doing an internship at IkPas since February. As a result of my education, I would like to work at IkPas on the subject of 'coaching'. As many know, IkPas offers the possibility to send messages and questions to experts (think of the IkPas coach). But this helpline will stop after April 5th.

real life coaching

Because there is a lot of demand for continued guidance, I see this as an opportunity to offer real-life coaching. A personal coaching trajectory especially for IkPassers who will also continue after April 5th would like some support in continuing their dry journey. Unfortunately, the real-life part is not accounted for at the moment due to COVID-19, so we have decided to organize the coaching via Skype. So it is important that you have a Skype account.

Set up personal coaching trajectory

-The contact is one on one

-Intake (determining goal, motivations and pitfalls)

-Determine the duration of the route and frequency of calls

-Conversations via Skype (for example, two to five calls in total)

-All your questions, concerns, pitfalls and victories get attention

-Concluding conversation and evaluation

-Participation is free

Together is more fun and easier

The coaching is one-on-one and can therefore be completely tailored to the personal situation and wishes of you as a participant. This means that you yourself shape your goal and the duration of the coaching. For example: if you want to continue fitting for another month, the coaching will last for a month. A coaching process always starts with an intake interview in which it is discussed what the goal is, what the motives are and which points of attention we need to take into account. Of course we will also get to know each other better. Then there are about two to five conversations, but this depends entirely on you as a participant. The goal of this personal coaching trajectory is to discuss and celebrate all your questions, concerns, pitfalls and also victories.

Does such a personal coaching process cost?

No, participation is free. Your progress is our profit!

Do you need such a personal coaching program? Don't hesitate and sign up. Send an email to and I'll get back to you as soon as possible.

Have a nice break and maybe see you soon!







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