Pause is gaining popularity

31 Aug 2021 / Topical / Background

With the help of IkPas, more and more people are taking a break from alcohol consumption outside the Dry January period. Since last January, about 13,000 Dutch people have already registered with IkPas to take on an alcohol-free challenge.

Dry January is a given. In 2021, more than 32,000 participants officially registered for the largest alcohol break in the Netherlands via† Leaving alcohol alone in the first month of a new year is popular. It makes for a strong start to the year, both physically and mentally. It is known that 75% of the participants with the support of IkPas will not drink a drop of alcohol throughout January.

Pause on your own power

Various studies have shown that during the month of January at least ten times the number itself has a break period. Most likely with less success. British research shows that the chance of successfully completing an alcohol-free month without the guidance of actions such as IkPas and Dry-January is about half as high.

Break all year round

Since this year it is possible to participate in IkPas at any time. Alone or together with others. You can start every day of the year by creating an 'Own challenge'. Every month a joint challenge starts for which everyone can register. For example, 'Storm in a glass of water' starts in September, with a nod to the arrival of autumn. The challenge 'Ooksober' ('Sober' in October, following the example of Ocsober in Australia) will start in October.

Interest is growing, partly because there are more frequent periods in the year when people drink relatively more than in December. What about the holiday months of June, July and August? Another reason could be that Stoptober participants, the campaign calling for smoking cessation for the month of October, feel they have to go the extra mile. It is known that tobacco and alcohol dependence often go hand in hand.

Already 13,000 registrations

In the meantime, 13,000 Dutch people have already participated in IkPas since January. Some of them are participants of an earlier campaign who have decided to have an alcohol-free period more often.

Do you also want to participate in the September promotion or do you know someone who would like a challenge? You can register until September 4 via this link.


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