Searching for love? Then forget alcohol.

13 Feb 2022 / Topical / Background

Valentine's Day is the day of love. Love for your true love, for your sister, your best friend, your mother, your dog… all shapes and sizes of love matter. If you have not yet met the right person and, now that more and more is possible in terms of freedom of movement, you want to date again: then we have a tip for you. Leave the alcohol for what it is and date with a fresh and open mind.

Dating is exciting. Who will be sitting opposite you next? Does it click? Do you find the person attractive to you or do you know within a few seconds that it will not work? A drink helps to suppress those nerves. Quickly downing a glass before meeting your date happens more often than not.

Another round and another round…

During the date you also order a glass, because that is cozy and it tempers the nerves even more if possible. Rounds 2 and 3 remain the same recipe. After round 3, your date turns out to be quite nice. Or is it the alcohol speaking here?

It is better not to drink (too much) during your search for love. Alcohol clouds your judgment. Everything and everyone seems a lot more fun with a sip. In addition, the evening passes in a (slight) daze and you can no longer remember the course of the evening and your date the next day. Perhaps you have even shared personal things that you had no intention of sharing? Or you have done things that you would prefer not to do after a first date… ai…

Research shows…

…that almost half of all dating people order an alcoholic drink during a date. But before this drink is ordered, 36.4 percent of the singles already pour a drink at home. This is to remove the initial tension. But is it smart? If you want to be able to judge with complete clarity whether your date is your new true love, then leave the alcohol behind and opt for a fresh alternative.





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