Oops, as a woman you can handle alcohol worse

Are you a woman and have you already had the menopause? Then you can handle alcohol worse than a man of the same age, for example. Or is that unfair? Yes. Or are there any benefits? Depends on how you viewed. You read it here.

There are various reasons for the fact that women, and especially women over 50, are less able to tolerate alcohol.
1. Women are generally smaller than men.
2. Women have less body water. And moisture helps dilute the alcohol.
3. Women have less of the enzyme alcohol dehydrogenase (which is mainly in your stomach). This enzyme aids in the breakdown of alcohol.

And that advantage?
As a woman, you feel the effects of alcohol sooner. You only need 2 wines and you already feel it. But yes, as it goes with advantages, they are often accompanied by disadvantages. Because the hangover is no less, it just comes a bit earlier...

Another reason to extend KortDroog to Fresh into spring, the March challenge of IkPas. Until then?



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