Even more tips for alternatives from IkPas participants

January 26, 2023 / Topical / Background

It is often a bit of a search for a worthy alternative now that you don't drink alcohol. We hope that you are already enjoying your new non-alcoholic favorite drink. Or maybe there's something here for you?


My favorite drink is Crodino, with orange juice or grape juice and with ice plus lemon & orange slices.


I like to drink green tomato juice from Alain Milliat Jus Tomate Verte. Add a little pepper… cheers!


LYSERØD sparkling tea is perfect for a cozy toast. We pour them into champagne glasses, because it looks so cozy.

Then some tips from us:

Beet juice. read here the recipe.

Lime mint lemonade with cucumber. read here the recipe.

Tea can also be a treat for your taste buds. Take a look at the tea collection of Tea Street. Here you will find more than 100 types of loose tea. There is a suitable tea for every occasion, meal or mood.



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