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30 Oct 2022 / Topical / Background

Sometimes we get sad about everything that has to do with alcohol. Alcohol is addictive, alcohol is bad for your organs, alcohol makes your skin dull and your hair weaker, alcohol makes you a different person and we could go on and on. That's why you only read good news that is related to alcohol. Yes!

Alcohol-free liquor store a great success

The counter of the Nix & Nix liquor stores now stands at 5. In Haarlem, Amersfoort, Amsterdam. Heerhugowaard and soon also Tilburg you will find a liquor store where only non-alcoholic drinks are sold. Apparently the Netherlands was ready for this, because people know how to find their way to the shops. The nice thing about a visit to one of the alcohol-free liquor stores is that you can taste everything first. And the next day you won't have a headache! Source:

Not happy hour but happy parents!

Since 2010, the annual Happy Parents has been organized in Breda. The project gives parents an insight into what is being done in the entertainment area for young people to make going out pleasant and safe. Various partners are involved in this, such as: the police, café owners, Koninklijke Horeca Nederland, the municipality and Helder Theater. The purpose of these meetings is to make parents more aware of their role in their child's free time. Source:

Dave Roelvink lets the alcohol stand

Who? Dave Roelvink, son of Dries Roelvink, (think yellow speedo) is a model and DJ. But in the past he also frequently made it to the newspapers (gossip magazines), because he had once again done something very stupid. Often drugs and alcohol were involved. Nowadays Dave is mainly a father and very sober. He consciously lets go of the drink and is the best version of himself right now. According to Dave.

And there are more celebrities who consciously leave the alcohol behind. Singer Antoon deliberately does not drink when he has to perform and André Hazes (junior) is currently going through life sober.



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