Nice listening: podcasts about alcohol

Put on your headphones and enjoy. Podcasts are there to entertain, inform, learn, or all at once. It's a nice way to relax. Here you can read more about 3 podcast tips that all have 'alcohol' as their subject.

Honest about alcohol – Koos van Platringen

Do you know the podcast "Honest about alcohol?" In it, Koos van Plateringen talks with known and unknown Dutch people about the role that alcohol plays in their lives. Some have deliberately reduced their drinking or even stopped altogether. But all of them took a closer look at their own alcohol use because it was necessary. An expert is also interviewed in almost every podcast. Our own Martijn Planken also comes by a few times. For example, in conversations with Caroline van Eeden (house friend of the Meiland family) and John de Bever (former professional and futsal player and nowadays singer).

Alcohol Alert! – Evi Heyndrickx

At the beginning of this year, as a result of Tournée Minérale, Evi Heyndrickx launched her podcast Alcohol Alert!' with the aim of breaking the taboos surrounding alcohol addiction, but also of an alcohol-free life. The Belgian social centipede has played theater for years, is a stand-up comedian, organizes events and has been working as an event coordinator for the Flemish government for a number of years. In her podcast (STOPcast), she candidly talks about her own experiences and regularly a BV'er (Known Fleming) or a specialist joins us. With a touch of humor, the Belgian knows how to move you in no time.

What do you want to drink? – Jan Heemskerk and Jacqueline van Lieshout

Former editor-in-chief of Playboy and detox coach Jacqueline van Lieshout share in the podcast 'What do you want to drink' their quitting experiences. Because swearing off alcohol was not without a struggle. In these podcasts you get all kinds of tips that have to do with stopping and persevering. They also invite various well-known and unknown guest speakers. For example, Dan Karaty tells his story and a stomach, liver and intestinal doctor explains why she was disappointed with her own alcohol consumption.



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