Reading tip: KIJK Magazine

KIJK Magazine is a magazine brimming with science and technology. The magazine has been around since 1968 and is for anyone who wants to know what it really is. We found some nice articles about alcohol that we don't want to keep from you.

Calling out something and not substantiating it is not of 'KIJK's'. The magazine likes to substantiate this with scientific research. Here are our reading tips:

Does alcohol age you faster?

Many health risks of alcohol consumption are known. Now a team of British scientists believes that alcohol consumption also causes you to age faster.

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Tipsy fruit flies clarify the effect of alcohol

Researchers have found an enzyme that would contribute to the busy, carefree behavior that comes with looking a little too deep into the glass.

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Can non-alcoholic beer give you a hangover?

If you drink alcohol-free beer properly, you will still get a hangover. It happened to Finn Plekpol. What's up with that? Does it actually contain alcohol?

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