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26 Jul 2022 / Topical / Background

You are almost at the finish. Just a little while and you haven't drunk alcohol for a month. In those four weeks, a lot of positive things were set in motion inside. And because positive things make everyone happy, we list them here for you.

After 1 week

Those first days could be a bit difficult (withdrawal symptoms), but now your body is starting to respond positively. You may sleep better and deeper. This increases your physical and mental energy. Hurrah! Your liver clearly has to work less hard now that you don't drink alcohol and does what it's supposed to do. Yes! Your digestion also does well on such an alcohol break. Less saliva production and the production of stomach acid goes down. woohoo!

After 2 weeks

In week 2, the list of positive effects grows considerably. You get an eye for other interests. Forgotten hobbies are picked up again or sports are on the increase. You produce dopamine in a natural way and that has a beneficial effect on your mood. Your teeth benefit from an alcohol break, because you consume less sugars – if you also leave candy & cake left.

After 3 weeks

You should now notice some difference in weight. And here too the following applies: replacing one (alcohol) with the other (doughnuts and salty licorice) does not make much sense if you want to lose weight. Use your alcohol break to move more and who knows, those pants will really be a bit looser later on. Is your memory also on fire? By stopping drinking, your short-term memory in particular gets a big boost. You may be able to remember information longer, be less forgetful, or focus better. Smart work!

After 4 weeks…

Do you feel energetic and fit. Has your self-confidence increased - you haven't had a drink for a month, wow! - and are you a happier person. The condition of your skin has improved and your immune system has been given a boost. After a little over a month, there is 15% less fatty tissue around your liver. After 3 months, your liver will settle down and the fatty liver will have largely decreased. Also not unimportant: your relationships with the people around you have improved and your wallet has become thicker. In addition, you may have been completely relieved of feelings of anxiety or sadness if you were bothered by this before you took a break.

In short: win-win-win-win-win-win and all this by leaving the cork in the bottle. Next month again?



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