Young people very sensitive to alcohol advertisements

September 24, 2021 / Topical / Background

Alcohol ads are funded by the alcohol industry. The alcohol industry focuses on a young audience, because starting to drink alcohol as young as possible is good for the business. In this article you can read which forms of alcohol advertising there are and the consequences of alcohol advertising.

Forms of alcohol advertising

Open any magazine or newspaper and be sure to come across an alcohol ad. But also in the cinema, during the advertising of your favorite series, on your regular internet pages and timelines, advertisements for alcohol pass by.

In addition to the millions of euros that the alcohol industry frees up to promote alcohol, they also piggyback on free publicity. When reviews about alcohol are made, blogs are written about alcohol, social media posts are shared or T-shirts are worn from a certain brand of alcohol, the alcohol industry benefits from this. Source: expertise

Consequences of alcohol advertising

As mentioned, the alcohol industry likes to target young people in advertising. Teens still. Because by seeing alcohol advertisements young people start drinking sooner, and young people who already drink start drinking more. Not to mention, young people are the drinkers of the future. That cozy advertisement in which a group of friends toasts to the weekend or where two friends catch up over a drink touches a sensitive nerve among young people. Drinking alcohol creates connection, alcohol stands for pleasure. Legislation and regulations have been drawn up to prevent minors from being confronted with alcohol advertisements. More on that next time! Source: expertise



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