Pamper and reward yourself

December 13, 2022 / Topical / Background

You deliberately take an alcohol break. Because you think this is necessary. But where that drink used to be your reward, you now have to look for other ways of rewarding. We come with tips.

You worked hard, so you deserve something. Previously you opened a bottle. And that drink, that first sip, really felt like a reward. But yes, you pause… And right now in your pause month, you have earned a reward.

Rewarding yourself is important. Previously, drinking alcohol was a reward. When you drink alcohol, chemicals such as dopamine and serotonin are released in the brain. Dopamine makes you feel satisfied and serotonin has an effect on your mood and makes you feel connected to others. Very nice feelings that we love to experience. And therein lies the danger. Because you want to feel more of these kinds of feelings, you also start drinking more. Do you already see the (drunken) mood?

No alcohol, but dopamine and serotonin

But there is a solution for this. You can also do other things than drinking (a lot of) alcohol to produce dopamine and serotonin. Eating your favorite meal, working up a sweat for an hour or so while exercising, or having a good romp; just as good for that satisfied feeling and sense of belonging.

List of reward tips

Are you not a (top) chef? Don't like sports? Don't you have anyone to kiss the stars from heaven with? Rewarding yourself can be done in many different ways. From gifting yourself a good book, to complimenting yourself (say it out loud!) and much more. You can divide rewards into different categories:

Getaway rewards alone or together with your partner, child, girlfriend, cousin or neighbour. Look for something you've never done before (taking a mud bath) or do something you've done before and enjoyed a lot.

Self-care rewards from buying your favorite shower gel to watching that beautiful movie. It's time for me time!

Free rewards running, taking a (beach) walk, working in the garden, enjoying a cup of tea in the sun, enjoying your hobby, lighting a scented candle, et cetera. Some things cost (almost) nothing and give you maximum good feeling.

Eat rewards ordering your favorite meal or eating out at a nice restaurant can be a big reward. Making your own pizza can of course be just as nice.

Active Rewards always wanted to canoe? Never climbed in a climbing center? Curious how it feels to cuddle alpacas? Plan an activity and start rejoicing!


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