IkPas Battle in the news

The media have also received wind of the very first IkPas Battle. In the Brabants Dagblad we came this article against. During the IkPas Battle, Nijmegen and Tilburg compete for the honorary title: driest city in the Netherlands. Which city gets the most people to not drink alcohol for the whole of January? In the meantime, both cities are covered with posters on which the mayors, among others, call for participation.

January 1, 2021, the largest alcohol break in the Netherlands will start. After a month full of (home) parties and fun, it is time for a physical and mental detox in the first month of the new year. IkPas is the Dutch version of Dry January. Upcoming Dry January, IkPas will be introducing a new addition: the IkPas Battle. Two cities kick off this battle: Nijmegen versus Tilburg. The intention is that as many organizations, institutions, companies and individuals as possible participate in the battle. Are you a member of a student association and do you feel like a challenge? Do you work in a cozy office and are you curious whether you and your colleagues will not drink for a month? Or do you, as a resident of Nijmegen or Tilburg, want to strengthen your city during this hot battle?

write to you here Enter and participate in the largest intermission battle in the Netherlands!



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