How do you make your IkPas participation clear to your date?

23 January 2020 / Topical / Background

You are 'on the roll' on Tinder and you swipe like it's your own delight. And then it's time to schedule a date. What seems? You're just in your break period, so that 'drinking drink' takes on a completely different meaning. In this article you can read tips about dating in combination with fitting.

You have had intensive app, mail or phone contact with a nice potential lover and you decide to see each other live. Exciting! Perhaps you have already mentioned in passing that you are in your break period? Or has it not been discussed yet? How do you handle such a first IkPas date? Read the tips below and take advantage of them.

Tip 1: Dating but different

As mentioned, 'drinking a drink' takes on a completely different meaning during a break period. So why meet in a cafe? Make the first move and suggest doing something else. Take a walk through the woods, put on the skates together, visit that outdoor cinema, drink a coffee in that one nice tent or bake a cake together. Everything is fine, as long as it's one casual activity (with a start and an end point) that does not involve alcohol.

Tip 2: Show color

Are you going to a place where alcohol is served? When ordering, just tell them straight away that you don't drink. Before you know it, you'll be ordering all kinds of difficult drinks to mask that you don't drink alcohol. You are not a boring person when you are having a coke and you still want to drink something festive? Check the map of the cafe in question in advance. Can you immediately look forward to that delicious mocktail.

Tip 3: You pause, your date doesn't

In principle, it shouldn't be a problem if your date does drink. Before you start the date, prepare yourself mentally for this. Go with the right one mindset on a date. Tell yourself again why you fit. Call a friend for a last one pep talk† Walk or cycle to your meeting place. Do what it takes to feel strong.

Tip 4: Check please

What to do with the bill when you've had a few tea and a soda and your date has tasted everything 'on tap'? Since catering staff is not really happy with splitting – but you are also not happy with paying twice more than you have consumed – you can choose to calculate what your share is and arrange this among yourselves. That's why they came up with tikkies.

The benefits of sober dating

-You experience the whole date consciously. Emotions don't get clouded, so you really know after that first date whether there is genuine attraction or not.

-Sober dating saves you money.

-If your date turns out not to be your dream partner; you only have to deal with this hangover the next day.

Do you have any tips for all non-drinking daters? Or maybe you planned or had a (first) date during your break. How do you approach this 'me-four-pause conversation'?

Let us know in a comment!


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