How do you recognize a drinking problem?

19 Apr 2022 / Topical / Background

Alcohol addiction is sometimes difficult to recognize. Because when does alcohol become a problem and do you have to deal with alcoholism? In order to determine whether your possible suspicions about a family member or friend are correct, it is good to know what alcoholism means.

You suddenly notice. Your friend is behaving differently. He cancels appointments, sometimes seems a bit confused and looks worse and worse. How long has that been the case, you wonder. Alcoholism creeps in. Someone with an alcohol problem can keep up appearances for years. There is denial and manipulation. Bottles are being clogged and the excuses for another hangover are endless. But on the day the problem is stronger than the denial.

When does alcoholism occur? In brief: if you can no longer live without alcohol. You experience physical and psychological withdrawal symptoms when you do not drink.

Drawing on the wall

The following signs, and especially a combination of them, can indicate an alcohol problem:

-We drink at strange times.

-Appointments are systematically cancelled.

-Financial problems arise.

-Person in question has gained or lost weight (poor and irregular eating habits).

-A lot of chewing gum/peppermint is eaten (to cover up the smell of drinking).

- Trembling, sweating, confusion.

-Often sick.

And then?

Suppose you have to come to the conclusion that your partner, family member, or friend has an alcohol problem, what do you do? Then get into the action. Because doing nothing is not an option. Alcoholism is a disease and you need to be treated for it. The first thing you do is it to discuss† Show concept and be Not angry† ben honestly and tell me what it is. you need this not only to do. light relatives or other good friends in.

Would you like to know what else you can do as a loved one for someone with an alcohol problem? We will tell you more about it in the next newsletter.


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