Did I really say that?

You wake up. In addition to shooting pains, some fragments from the night before immediately shoot through your head. Something with fun and then a changed atmosphere. Was it something you said or did? Well, that was the alcohol that spoke or acted. This will prevent you from flying out of the corner.

Disinhibited and overconfident. That's what happens when you drink too much alcohol. What starts as a pleasant thing can turn into a painful situation. You blurted out that you don't like your best friend's new boyfriend at all. You told your brother he acted like that at that party the other day. Your mother-in-law has known since last night that her daughter prefers not to visit more often than necessary… Everything that you normally would rather not have thrown at someone's feet, now slipped out. Not convenient…

When you've had a few glasses of alcohol, it affects different parts of your brain. Namely on your frontal lobe, your reward center and your amygdala.

je frontal lobe regulates impulse control and is put on the back burner by alcohol, so you think less about your actions.

je reward center is stimulated. This makes you feel good and confident.

je amygdala is also encouraged. This normally controls your response to threats. Because this is stimulated, you experience situations more quickly as threatening, so that you react more aggressively.

nice loose

Excess alcohol makes you looser, self-criticism disappears and you see less danger. It destroys self-responsibility and self-discipline. In other words: you say or do things that you normally wouldn't do. Because you react and act more impulsively, you may wake up the next day and suffer from both a physical and mental hangover, also known as the regret hangover.

This is how you avoid a regret hangover

'Unfortunately' there is only one ready-made recipe for preventing a regret hangover: not drinking alcohol. If this is not an option for you, confide in someone who (often) goes to the same parties as you. Your partner or a good friend, for example. Ask him or her to let you know when he or she notices a change in your mood. And then hop, at the water or something else thirst-quenching without alcohol.

Even more 'moderate tips'

-Always drink a glass of water in addition to a glass of alcohol.

- Drink from a glass and not directly from a bottle (beer).

-Put your glass on a table so don't hold it all the time. This will lower the drinking rate.

-Make sure you start your pleasant evening with a well-filled stomach.


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