Stubborn alcohol myths debunked

October 4, 2022 / Topical / Background

One glass of red wine a day is said to be good for your health and coffee is sobering. If you hear and read things often enough, they will become true. Today we make short shrift of the most persistent myths surrounding alcohol once and for all.

One glass of wine a day is good for your heart.

No. Moderate alcohol consumption also puts you at a higher risk of cardiovascular disease. Although the discussion about that one wine keeps coming back regularly. Drinking alcohol is never the way to work on your health. There are much more effective solutions. For example: sufficient exercise, healthy eating or quitting smoking. Do you do all that? Then you reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease by no less than 84%.

Hard liquor is more harmful to you than beer and wine.

No. It's not about what you drink, but how much of it you drink. A standard glass of spirits contains as much alcohol as a glass of beer or wine. If you look purely at the alcohol, these two drinks are equally bad for your health. If you drink a standard glass of whiskey once a week and 3 bottles of wine in addition, the wine really does more damage than the whiskey.

Coffee makes you sober.

No. There is no miracle cure for a hangover. Drinking coffee does not remove the alcohol from your body faster. A cold shower won't help with a hangover either. What does help? Do not drink alcohol. Sorry. And if it does come to the point that you no longer know what to do because of misery: drink water and sleep. The next day you will feel a lot better, because then your liver has been able to do its job. Source:


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