Peer pressure: how do you deal with it?

To marry? Not without champagne, of course. Relationship crisis? Just wash away that bad taste. Got a driver's license? That should be tried. And there are still countless events and reasons to think of to open the bottle. And if you consciously choose a non-alcoholic alternative, you often get 'boring' or are persuaded to drink an alcoholic drink. How do you behave during these situations and what can you do to stay strong?

Saying no is sometimes easier said than done. When people keep bombarding you with words like: 'boring', 'don't be stupid', 'oh, how unsociable' and emphasize that it is so nice when you have a drink with them, then you must be in a good house to join your ' no' to stay. How do you ensure that you do not succumb to that peer pressure? Read our tips here!

  1. Think in advance what you are going to drink as an alternative, so that you can avoid that moment of doubt in advance.

2. Prepare your 'rebuttal' somewhat, so that you are on the moment supreme is not tongue-in-cheek. For example, if you are offered a drink, you can answer the following:

I'd rather stay fresh, because I have an important day tomorrow.

-I have to drive.

-I want to exercise tomorrow.

-I'm in my healthy week. Every month I read a balance week.

-I've just eaten and will stick to coffee/tea and soda for a while.

I've just recovered from a cold and I'm taking it easy.

3. Confide in someone from 'the group' and ask him or her to support you when you indicate that you do not drink alcohol.

4. If possible, indicate before the meeting that you do not drink alcohol. Saves a lot of 'discussions'.

5. Remember you are strong and no one can tell you what to do or not to do!



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