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September 15, 2022 / Topical / Background

Pictures say so much more than words. That said, this article is all about telling videos. Videos in which subjects such as 'alcohol & young people' or 'alcohol & cancer' are explained in an accessible way.

Although we can do a lot with words, a video often explains things very clearly in a minute or so. Below are some viewing tips on topics that might interest you.

  1. The Effects of Alcohol – Jellinek

Do you know what alcohol does to you? This animation, made by Jellinek, tells you exactly how your body works when you drink alcohol. And why alcohol is extra risky for young people. Know what you can do yourself to prevent unpleasant effects as much as possible.

  1. What does pausing for a month do to your body – The Knowledge of Now

Not drinking alcohol for a month, what does that do to your health? A group of social drinkers volunteered to participate in our experiment and did not drink a drop for a month! Scientists investigated what effect this had on their psyche, body and liver. You can see the results in this episode of De Kennis van Nu.

  1. 7 things you need to know about alcohol & cancer – Trimbos Institute

Cancer has various causes, you cannot do anything about some causes, for example the genes that you have been given. You can influence other causes, such as unprotected sunbathing, smoking, but also drinking alcohol. This video tells you seven important things you need to know about alcohol and cancer.

  1. Alcohol and the effect on the adolescent brain – RTL Nieuws

You know the campaigns: “Young people should not drink too much alcohol, that is bad for them.” But that also applies to adults and they are allowed to drink. Unfair? Well, there are certainly reasons to be extra careful with alcohol as a young person.

  1. Films in which alcohol plays a (main) role

No informative films in this case, but long films that might as well teach you something. So do you have a few hours to spare and are you ready for a session on the couch? In these films, alcohol plays a big role and the characters struggle with more than one problem.

The Way Back. Jack is a former basketball phenom who has gone down the drain, divorced and battling an alcohol addiction. When he gets the chance to coach the struggling basketball team at his former high school, he reluctantly accepts the offer. Will this help Jack get his life back on track?

You can see The Way Back at Pathé Thuis and iTunes, among others. Interesting detail: Jack is played by Ben Affleck. Affleck struggled with an alcohol addiction for years.

A Star is Born. Singing waitress is discovered by world star, witnessing their budding love. So far everything fine. But the world star (Bradley Cooper) struggles with an alcohol addiction and inner demons. A real tearjerker which is definitely worth watching. You can see A Star is Born on Netflix, Ziggo and Pathé Thuis. Nice to know: Bradley Cooper produced the film himself.

Don't Worry, He Won't Get Far on Foot. Cartoonist John Callahan is positive, has a knack for politically incorrect humor and a drinking problem. After a wild party night, he ends up in a wheelchair for the rest of his life. Even more reason to drink. Until Callahan joins an AA group where he meets a friend for life and the woman of his life. This sharp cartoonist eventually becomes an example of joie de vivre. Don't Worry, He Won't Get Far on Foot can be found at Pathé Thuis and iTunes, among others.


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