Nothing for a while: this is how you make every alcohol break a success

Taking a break is not tied to the month of January or the fasting period. A period of 'standing dry' is always possible. We are happy to tell you how best to sustain such a break entirely on your own initiative.

In January, more than 42,000 Dutch people stopped drinking alcohol for a month. Subsequently, a large number (about 10,000) decided to leave their alcohol alone from February 26 to April 5. Many persevered, some gave in, nevertheless pride predominated in everyone. Do you want to experience this feeling again? Then take a break in the next month. Or just after the holidays. Or in November when the festive season is just around the corner. You can and should always take a break. Below you can read 5 tips on how to make a success of any given break month.

Tips for a successful break period

Make a stop plan. Write down why you want to stop drinking alcohol (for the time being), what benefits are associated with this and how you can deal with difficult moments.

Find a buddy or tell your loved ones. Letting those around you know that you are not drinking alcohol for the time being creates clarity. People can take this into account and will not - or less often - offer you alcohol.

Keep an alcohol diary. Every day write down (briefly) what went well, what went less well, how you feel and why you don't want to drink alcohol. Also include the benefits that you discover the longer you stop. Do you feel fitter? Do you sleep better? Do you have more energy? Or is it your skin that glows like never before? Hold onto this feeling by writing it down.

Set a savings goal. Not drinking for a month or so is a great achievement. You can be proud of that. Besides getting a good feeling, you also save money. Maybe you can treat yourself to that nice coat after finishing your break period? Nice rod? New shoes?

Know your triggers. Everyone has difficult moments when they deny themselves something. Maybe that's the annual friends barbecue that just falls in your break month. Or the Friday evening when you end a busy week. Think about this in advance. "When can I have a hard time?" and anticipate this. For example, think about an alcohol-free drink that you like to drink. Inform the host or hostess. And make sure you have an answer when people offer you a drink.

No break, but reduce

Is a break (still) going a bit too far for you, but do you like to reduce (regularly)? Then read the tips below.

Before you start drinking, determine how much you 'may' drink. Also think about what you are going to drink and at what time you stop.

- Drink a glass without alcohol after every glass of alcohol.

-If you order wine in a restaurant, always order water.

-Don't drink alcohol if you're thirsty. Alcohol actually makes you more thirsty.

-Don't empty your glass in one go.

-Always drink from a glass instead of a bottle.

-Always eat something before drinking alcohol.




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