Having a hangover but not from the drink

Your stomach is restless, your head is pounding. And what a dry mouth you have. It seems like you looked too deep into the glass yesterday. But of course that's not the case, because you're pausing. Hangover symptoms can also occur if you have not drunk a drop of alcohol. Below we discuss a number of causes.

Your body suffers from moisture deficiency

The main culprit behind the hangover is lack of moisture. Fluid deficiency manifests itself in complaints such as headache, fatigue and severe thirst. Exercising vigorously on hot days can be the cause. Don't worry: as soon as your moisture level is back to normal, your complaints will disappear. The advice for adults is to drink between 1.5 and 2 liters per day. Source: nutritioncentre.nl.

You have consumed too much caffeine

Coffee and, for example, certain energy drinks contain caffeine. If you get too much of this - or more than you normally take in - then you can suffer from this. Here too the solution is quite simple: cut down on the cups of coffee and drink a glass of water more often.

you are sleep deprived

Your body repairs itself while you sleep. If you sleep less well for a period of time, you will notice this. This decreases your concentration and makes you feel tired and drowsy. In the long term you can also suffer from mental complaints. Sadness lurks when you don't get enough sleep. You can read good sleeping tips here.

You suffer from an electrolyte imbalance

What kind of balance? An electrolyte balance. People who exercise a lot and also sweat a lot, lose a lot of fluid in this way. This may disrupt your electrolyte balance. Electrolytes are minerals that dissolve in body fluids. And that change in your mineral balance can affect how you feel both mentally and physically. This can cause a hungover feeling. Drink plenty of water before, during and after exercise so that your body does not have a chance to become dehydrated.

You suffer from a common but strong headache

It often starts with a faint but nagging pain on the inside of your head. This pain increases and before you know it the nagging pain has turned into a flaming pain and you are also nauseous. You tolerate light and sound less well. You are dealing with a migraine attack. What helps is sleeping in a dark room. Often, as soon as you wake up from a good nap, the headache quickly subsides.

There are even more reasons that can cause a hangover feeling. you read them margriet.nl.





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