An alcohol break is good for your mood

Now that you leave the bottle closed and the glasses empty, you may go through life a lot happier. Alcohol can make you feel quite depressed. This has everything to do with the mental hangover and your hormones.

After an evening of slump, in addition to a headache and an upset stomach, you can also suffer from a gloomy feeling. While you were still fine in your own skin the days before. We also call that bad feeling a mental hangover, or hangxiety. hangxiety is a contraction of hangover, the English word for hangover, and anxiety, an umbrella term for restlessness, tenseness, excessive worrying, anxiety and panic attacks.

Did I really say that?…

Such a mental dip after drinking a lot of alcohol is partly due to a purely physical reaction. Not knowing what you have said or done will of course not help. Precisely because you are a bit more wobbly mentally, you can the day after lose quite a lot in worrying and feelings of guilt, fear or gloom. The ability to put things into perspective is just as hard to find, just now that you can use an extra portion of this.

Hormone shuffle

The mental hangover can therefore be the cause of your gloomy feeling. What can also make you feel depressed are your hormones. Alcohol affects your nervous system. In small amounts, alcohol can help you relax and feel better. But the change quickly comes when you drink more. The positive hormones make way for negative hormones, such as cortisol (stress hormone). That in turn leads to a depressed feeling. That is also the reason that people who drink alcohol can first be very happy, and then cry for whatever reason. The gloomy feeling after a night of drinking can haunt you for days.

The solution?

Well, don't drink alcohol. Or stop after your first glass, so that the cheerfulness remains and the gloomy feeling does not stand a chance. Then you don't have to worry about what you've said or done. Will you eventually fall into the trap and are you dealing with a mental hangover? Be kind to yourself, eat healthy, drink lots of water and go outside. You will soon feel better.


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