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March 10, 2022 / Topical / Background

You have made the healthy decision not to drink (temporarily). But corona or no corona, sooner or later you will come into contact with alcohol. At home or elsewhere. A direct confrontation puts you in a bind. How do you kindly but resolutely decline the alcohol? With our tips it works.

Think of an occasion and we'll drink alcohol with it. From a birthday to a funeral and from a graduation ceremony to a team outing: there is a toast. Drinking alcohol is part of our culture. 'Cosy', we think. Or 'necessary', because there is grief that is more bearable with alcohol.

You used to be standing with a glass of alcohol in your hand. It gave you an attitude, it tasted good or it was part of it. Now that you (temporarily) leave the alcohol for what it is, there are still plenty of moments to think of when you are 'expected' to drink alcohol. With your break, the opportunities have not dried up. Sometimes you feel strong and have no trouble selling a 'no', other times you say (almost) in a moment of weakness 'yes!' How do you make sure you feel strong every time?

Tips for 'saying no' to alcohol

Before you leave you do something that gives you power. Is that for you saying 10 times in the mirror that you 'don't want to drink alcohol'? Taking a long forest walk? Want to sing along to your favorite song? Do what works for you.

Who do you know at the party/drink? Notify a confidential advisor and ask him to support you if he sees that you are having a hard time. Agree on a sign for this, for example.

If you feel comfortable enough with the people you are with, share your alcohol break with everyone. It can only be said.

There is nothing wrong with a good excuse if you do not feel the need to provide an explanation of your 'no alcohol for me approach'. Busy day tomorrow, bladder infection, driving or a strict sports schedule are examples of excuses that no one asks many questions about.

Know that with every 'no' your self-confidence grows. The more often you do it, the easier it gets.

Extra tips from

*You will see that you often find a supporter when you talk about your non-drinking adventure. The group of people who do not drink alcohol is growing.

*After every 'no', your self-confidence also grows. You can do this!

*The people who think you're a boring ass because you don't drink alcohol often feel embarrassed by your 'no'. Some of them would even dare to say this themselves.





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