Join Dry January and save time and money

21 Dec 2020 / Topical / Background

Drinking costs time and money. You stay up late, sleep in the next day and you are a few euros poorer because booze is not cheap. A major advantage of an alcohol break is that you save time and money.

At the moment, going to the pub is not in it. So make it cozy at home. What is fun is different for everyone, but often alcohol is involved. Drinking a glass or two or three too many will leave you feeling sick the next day. If you participate in Dry January in January, you will not be bothered by this. An alcohol break saves you time. After all, you will most likely stay up for less time and you will not need extra recovery time the next day.

Nice saving

Another big advantage is the money you save if you don't drink for a month. No expensive bottles of wine, specialty beers or other fancy types of rum, whiskey or, for example, gin that you 'have to' stock up on. The money you save with this can add up considerably. Just think what you can do with this!

savings target

To see exactly how much money you have left after your break, you could put the amount you normally spend on a night out in a separate account. To make it even more concrete, you can make your savings wish visual and tangible.

Always wanted to have a nice watch, but was this not financially feasible until now? Find your dream watch and check it regularly. This motivates you to persevere and not succumb during the difficult moments. Or have you been thinking about treating your mother / sister / friend / neighbor / aunt / bridge buddy to a high tea at home for a while? Plan this surprise in your own agenda and look for an advantageous deal. Think regularly about the moment when you surprise the other person. That's great anticipation!



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