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A lot is happening in the world every day. We keep a close eye on the coverage of alcohol. That is why today you can read an overview of what we have come across in recent weeks on news sites around the subject of alcohol. You will soon be fully updated.

'Everything fine?' start campaign 'learn to say no' among students

The schools are (almost) all open again. Students are also preparing for a new year. The 'Everything OK' Support Line -an initiative of De Kindertelefoon- is especially for young people between the ages of 18 and 25. This August, the Support Line is campaigning among students with the message that it is 'okay' to say 'no'. Many students feel that they have to catch up in terms of experiences, because their lives have stood still during corona. So a young person is more likely to say 'yes' to things that he or she might have preferred not to do. For example, people say 'yes' more quickly to alcohol, drugs or sex. This campaign should make it clear that 'saying no' is still an option.

The Everything Okay? Support line is open daily from 2 pm to 10 pm. The chat can be reached via and you can call 0800-0450. Contact is free, anonymous and you are not committed to anything. More information at

No alcohol and bare torso during Glory fights

Kickboxing association Glory had to deal with riots in the stands last March. Not wanting to experience this again, the federation took measures for the tournaments that took place this August and that are coming up. The measures include an alcohol ban, no bare torso, no football shirts and no large groups. All tickets will also be named. There has been an alcohol ban in the Netherlands for some time, but the kickboxing association is now implementing this ban in every country.

Japanese government calls for more alcohol consumption

Yes, you read that right. The NTA -Japanese tax authorities- wants more alcohol to be consumed by young people. Since corona, alcohol consumption has gone down and the country is missing out on a lot of tax money. The NTA has therefore created a national competition - the Sake Viva! campaign - to come up with commercial proposals to improve the image of alcoholic beverages. So that young people (at home) start drinking more.


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