Diets and alcohol: do they go together?

January 19, 2022 / Topical / Background

Whether it's a nice by-catch or a calculated advantage: participating in IkPas leads to weight loss for several participants. And that's a nice bonus if losing a few pounds has been on your wish list for a while. But what if IkPas will soon be over and you would like to continue to lose weight? Can drinking a glass of alcohol fit into your diet, or do alcohol and weight loss really not go together?

Not drinking alcohol for a while has several advantages. This way you will sleep better, you often feel fitter and you can lose quite a few kilos. About 32% of the IkPas participants drop out during the break period. This weight loss has several reasons. One is that alcoholic drinks are often high in calories. These 'empty' calories contain energy, but few nutrients such as fiber, vitamins and minerals. By not drinking alcohol for a period of time, you simply get fewer calories. In addition, your body sees alcohol as a toxic substance. This takes precedence over other substances in the degradation process. By not drinking for a while, your combustion process can do what it is supposed to do undisturbed: burn calories.

What if you do want to drink alcohol again?

Participating in IkPas makes it easier to lose weight. But what if after your break you want to drink a glass of alcohol now and then, and still want to keep losing weight. Can alcohol be included in your diet? Let's be honest: an alcohol break can't last long enough as far as we're concerned. Yet we understand that renounce alcohol for good is not for everyone the outcome of this challenge is. But just as a diet is more manageable, if you allow yourself a little splurge every now and then, this can also apply to drinking habits. With these tips you can enjoy an occasional glass of alcohol and continue to lose weight.

  1. Enjoy small portions big

It sounds simple, but if you want to consume fewer calories, opt for smaller glasses. In addition, a small but well-filled glass provides a more satisfied feeling than a larger half-empty glass.

  1. Choose your moments

Save drinking alcohol for special moments. This way you avoid fixed patterns of, for example, a glass of wine or beer at the end of a working day. For example, agree with yourself that you only drink a glass of alcohol on the weekend.

  1. Go for fewer calories

There are secretly many calories in alcohol, especially in sweet mixed drinks, liqueurs and cocktails. If you still want to drink a glass of alcohol, go for a glass of red or white (dry) wine or a small glass of beer.

  1. Decide in advance how much

If you want to prevent yourself from going completely 'loose' on an evening that you drink alcohol, determine in advance how many glasses you can drink. For example, agree on two glasses of wine with yourself and stick to spa red, tea or another low-sugar and alcohol drink. This way you can enjoy a drink and be proud of yourself afterwards, because you kept the agreement.

  1. Watch your snacking behavior

A major reason why alcohol has such a negative impact on diets is that it increases the need for fats. This makes you more likely to be tempted to eat a piece of cheese, chips or other savory snack with your beer or wine. Therefore, do not immediately attack the cheese board after an alcoholic drink, but rather opt for a less fat alternative. Like fruit or a cracker.

  1. Drink consciously and enjoy consciously

How often does it happen that you drink your glass half empty without noticing? If you drink a glass of alcohol once, do so consciously. Take your time and don't feel guilty, just enjoy every sip. This makes you feel more satisfied and it is easier not to drink for a while afterwards. Source:

With these tips you will be able to enjoy a glass of alcohol once in a while after IkPas and still continue to lose weight. Provided, of course, that you continue to pay attention to a healthy diet, sufficient exercise and rest; †
























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