You want to see these cinema hits from July

Take a movie? Book online first and keep 1,5 meters away everywhere. But that should not spoil the fun. The cinemas are open again. You know, that place where it smells like popcorn and bygone dreams. The films below will be released in July.

Tina / Documentary

World star Tina Turner led an eventful life as a young woman and singer. In the documentary 'Tina', Tina Turner tells her own story in the documentary from the beginning of her career as the Queen of R&B to her sold-out stadium concerts in the 1980s. For the first time, she gives a glimpse into her private life, in which she describes her internal struggles and most personal moments. Nice detail: Oprah Winfrey is also passing by.

Black Widow / Action & Adventure

Scarlett Johansson plays Natasha Romanoff. From birth, Natasha has been entrusted to the KGB, who have trained her to be the ultimate weapon and their best agent. She now lives in New York where she lives as a freelancer and it has been years since the collapse of the Soviet Union…

Are we lost forever / Romance

Hampus and Adrian have been together for several years when Hampus indicates one morning that he wants to end the relationship. This news saddens Adrian. He had no idea that Hampus was no longer happy with him. When Hampus has moved some of the furniture (including the half-bed) from what is now Adrian's apartment, the divorce becomes real. Adrian is completely absorbed in his grief. Only when they both have a new partner and meet for a joint dinner can he continue.

Aznavour, le regard de Charles / Documentary

In 1948, Charles Aznavour was given a 16mm film camera by Edith Piaf, it was his first camera and he has had it with him ever since. Until 1982 he filled many roles. The film material is his personal diary. Aznavour films his life, a life as a film. He films always and everywhere. Moments and events, places where he performs, his friends, loves and troubles.. A few months before his death, he looked at the material with Marc di Domenico. And decided to make a movie out of it, his movie.

Songbird / Thriller

In 'Songbird', the COVID-23 virus has mutated and the world is in the fourth year of a lockdown. Infected Americans are taken from their homes and forcibly taken to quarantine camps known as Q-Zones. It is impossible to escape from this. A few brave people fight in a seemingly hopeless battle against oppression. In the midst of this disrupted world, Nico (KJ Apa), a courier immune to the virus, finds love and hope in Sara (Sofia Carson). Although the lockdown makes it impossible to meet in person. When Sara appears to be infected with the virus, Nico desperately races through the deserted streets of Los Angeles in search of the only thing that can save her from incarceration...or worse.



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