These celebrities also go through life sober

Drinking is cool, not drinking is boring. That's how people generally think. However, more and more unknown and well-known people swear by an alcohol-free life. Curious which celebrities go through life sober? Check them out here.

Guus Meeuwis and Manon Meijers: they have not been drinking alcohol for a year.

Daphne Deckers does not touch alcohol. Her fitness is therefore not only due to her sports regime.

Matthijs van Nieuwkerk likes alcohol, but not so much that he wanted to give up his family for it. He said goodbye to his licentious life years ago and does not drink a drop of alcohol.

After her participation in Expedition Robinson, Fajah Lourens made a drastic decision: no alcohol, no wild parties and lots of sports.

Wim Kieft also said goodbye to alcohol after overcoming his drug addiction.

Sylvie Meis does not drink alcohol, but liters of green tea.

So much for the polder celebrities. Which megastars also say no to alcohol and yes to a sober life?

When Jennifer Lopez (singer/actress) understood that drinking alcohol doesn't make you prettier, she stopped immediately.

Blake Lively (actress) has never even drunk alcohol.

Tyra Banks (ex-top model and presenter) doesn't like it. So she doesn't drink it.

Pharrell Williams (singer/rapper) doesn't drink alcohol because it doesn't suit him. He has nothing to do with it and doesn't like it.

Chris Martin (singer Coldplay) has stopped drinking alcohol since his marriage to Gwyneth Paltrow. The couple has been separated for years and he still does not drink.

Kendrick Lamar (rapper) raps a lot about alcohol and drugs, but is as clean and sober as can be.

John Mayer (singer) made a big splash at colleague Drake's party. After that bad hangover, he decided not to drink anymore. This gave him more time to make music and go on tour.





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