The relationship between alcohol and beer belly

10 Aug 2021 / Topical / Background

A beer belly. Is that really something? In that sense: does such a firm belly really come from drinking alcohol? Here you can read how and what.

Men and their bellies. They come in many shapes and sizes and this is understandably quite sensitive. Let's assume that no one asks for a big belly. As a rule, something like this builds up steadily and one day your waistline will hang below your belly edge. Among the many different types of bellies is the 'beer belly'. You don't get a beer belly so much from the beer you drink. The main culprit is the sniffing that accompanies it.

Keep good soil

Because in addition to drinking beer, you also have to eat, you get extra calories. And that food, provided it is healthy, your body really needs. But your body is not waiting for that extra dose of empty calories. The excess energy that your body takes in thanks to snacks and alcohol is stored in fat. In addition, alcohol inhibits the fat breakdown process. So that's a double loss.

Calories and beer

-A glass of beer contains 113 calories

-A bottle of beer contains 135 calories

-A can of beer contains 149 calories

Note: this differs per beer type. Light beers, for example, contain fewer calories than regular beers.

All to the belly

In men, this excess fat is often stored in the abdomen. In women, we see that fat storage more often in the hips, thighs and arms. Not nice either, but belly fat is also dangerous fat. Belly fat increases, more than fat on the hips and buttocks, the risk of diseases of affluence such as diabetes, cancer, and cardiovascular disease.

That's why: it can't hurt to exchange your beer for a glass of water every now and then. That makes a big difference to bitterballen.



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