That's why we get a new Alcohol Act

Six months later than planned, but this summer - on 1 July to be exact - after approval by the Senate, the new Alcohol Act will come into effect. This law focuses even more sharply on preventing and reducing problematic drinking. What does the new Alcohol Act mean and why are these new rules necessary?

Almost 8 out of 10 Dutch people sometimes drink alcohol. Of these, 1.1 million people are excessive drinkers: these are women and men who drink more than 14 and 21 alcoholic drinks per week, respectively. 8,5% of all people over the age of 18, is even a heavy drinker. Men and women who drink more than 6 or 4 glasses of alcohol a day at least once a week fall into this category, also known as binge drinking.

New law must lead to new standard

With the new Alcohol Act, State Secretary Paul Blokhuis of Public Health wants to reduce the number of problem drinkers and the harmful effects of alcohol in society. The law must also ensure that alcohol use among young people - which has remained the same for years - decreases again. And if you are still ahead as IkPasser, if it is up to the State Secretary, the whole of the Netherlands will embrace this new alcohol standard: not drinking or a maximum of one drink a day.

The stricter rules are the result of the National Prevention Agreement. With the agreements in this agreement, the government wants to achieve with 70 civil society organizations that by 2040:

  • alcohol consumption during pregnancy is more than halved;
  • alcohol use among young people, especially binge drinking, decreases 30 to 40%;
  • heavy and excessive alcohol consumption decreases with 40%;
  • 80% of the population knows the most important health effects, with special attention to women who want to become or are pregnant.


This will change with the new Alcohol Act

  • Adults who buy alcohol for minors in catering establishments risk a fine (97% of the minors are offered alcohol through parents or older friends).
  • There will be more control on the age limit when delivering drinks ordered online at home.
  • The maximum discount on alcohol should not exceed 25%.

Why is the new Alcohol Act necessary?

To ensure that future generations of children can grow up healthy, the new law focuses even more on preventing alcohol use among young people and pregnant women. The amendments to the law should also make parents more aware of their role in preventing alcohol use among minors.

History of the Alcohol Act

The new Alcohol Act replaces the current Licensing and Catering Act. Our first alcohol legislation dates back to 1881 and is regularly updated. Curious how and why the legislation on alcohol in the Netherlands came about? Read more about it tomorrow in 'The history of the Alcohol Act'.


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