Are you also sober curious?

A dominant drinking culture, that's what we're in. Sober curiosity means that you are curious about what not drinking does to you. And that doesn't have to be a choice for life. It starts with creating awareness around alcohol. And that is exactly the goal of IkPas.  

Taking a break for a month (or longer) will break you out of the habit of drinking alcohol. It makes you think about your alcohol consumption, the amount of it and the why behind it. After a month you will be better able to determine what role alcohol should play in your life, when, with whom and how much you will drink.

You are not alone

And you're not the only one who thinks it's important to consciously deal with his or her alcohol consumption. There is a worldwide movement in which more and more people are going through life as 'soberly curious'. Consciously do not drink alcohol, because it is simply not healthy.

Sober socializing

The difficult thing for people who want to (temporarily) stop drinking alcohol is that the social pressure to drink is enormous. That is why evenings are organized in the United States for 'the sober curious', people who are curious about what it is like to just talk and dance with others, without drinking. Canadian broadcaster Global News reports. View it here movie. Source;

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