Alcohol-free parties are a trend

31 Jul 2022 / Topical / Background

Party and drink until the wee hours. Would you like to do it differently? Yes, more and more people are saying. Events, weddings and the beloved morning raves…everything is alcohol-free. Not only just as fun, but also safe and cheap. We list all the advantages for you.

In 2013, a new trend was born in England: morning raves organized by Morning Gloryville. Dancing in the morning before going to work. The morning starts with a yoga session (06:00) and then from 07:00 to 09:00 to get your feet off the floor. And then? On to work. On this morning parties no alcohol or drugs to be found. Healthy snacks, yoga, masseurs and good DJs. This one Morning Gloryvilleparties were picked up internationally. Big cities like New York, Los Angeles and Amsterdam also came up with their own morning raves. In Amsterdam these are called morning raves Cirque du Daybreaker. Due to corona, the parties have more often not than been given in the past two years. The thread is now picked up again.

Daybreaker is a worldwide organization that organizes morning raves. They are already doing this in 22 cities around the world, and since 2018 the first Amsterdam Daybreaker parties have been taking place.


Because the demand for non-alcoholic drinks is increasing, there is an increasing choice of non-alcoholic alternatives during parties and events. Even alcohol-free weddings sometimes happen. Evi Hanssen - who stopped drinking alcohol two years ago - gave a partly alcohol-free wedding. Because she doesn't drink, but he does, it turned out to be a 50/50 wedding. For example, the guests sipped alcohol-free cava during the toast. There are many advantages to such a morning party, alcohol-free company event or sober wedding. Read on.

  • No booze means a clear head. So everything that happens, you see, you hear, feel and taste all the better. Your memories will also be razor sharp the next day.
  • Are you the one getting married or are you organizing the event? Then you will also feel your alcohol-free wedding/event in your wallet. A good bottle of wine can easily cost 15 to 30 euros. Soda only costs a few euros per bottle…
  • Guests who have an alcohol history or who are still struggling with their alcohol use will also feel comfortable at your party.
  • Everyone has a safe return journey.


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