Alcohol as a fattener

Drinking alcohol does not make you slimmer. In fact, it makes your pants fit even tighter. Drinks contain only empty calories. In other words: calories that do nothing for your body. And then those snacks… that go straight to stomach or hips. Cheers?

When you consider that a distilled glass of wine, beer or shot glass provides 10 grams of alcohol and 1 gram of alcohol provides 7 kilocalories, a quick calculation tells you that you are at 70 kilocalories per emptied glass.

Because most people do not stop at 1 drink when they are having a good time, the calorie counter quickly reaches a few hundred kilocalories. Some drinks also contain a lot of sugar or cream and hit even harder in terms of calories. Think of liqueurs, mixed drinks and cocktails.

Plus, plus

The alcohol that you ingest, the body wants to break down as quickly as possible. After all, it can't do anything with it. Because this takes precedence over everything else, the combustion of the food you have eaten is delayed. And you know what they say: from procrastination comes adjustment. So those calories are stored as fat.

Plus, plus, plus

And if that weren't enough, alcohol makes you want to eat all kinds of snacks. So there is a drink with cheese board, party with snacks and the evening ends with fries and shawarma. None of these options will keep you in balance. The scale is more likely to tip to a number that you would rather not see appear.

And now?

Well, not drinking alcohol is the most logical option. But if you do want to do that, keep the following in mind.

- Drink plenty of water or another non-alcoholic drink in between.

-Avoid sweet white wines, liqueurs, mixed drinks and cocktails.

-Let the bitterballen and cheeses pass you by as much as possible. Rather eat some raw vegetables, Japanese mix or popcorn with your drink.

-Choose your drink with care and enjoy it consciously. You get significantly fewer calories when you sip one glass of good wine than when you consciously drink a few glasses in a row. Source:


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