Action week 'Seeing drinking makes drinking'

The 'Seeing to drink, to drink' campaign was recently launched. With this Alcohol Action Week, the Alliantie Alcoholbeleid Nederland (AAN) wants to make parents aware of the fact that their drinking behavior influences the future drinking behavior of their children. Because children copy. And therefore the exemplary behavior of parents does matter.

No alcohol until you're eighteen. This is determined by law in the Netherlands. To prevent young people from drinking before the age of eighteen and drinking too much after the age of eighteen and getting into problems with dire consequences, it is good that parents are aware of their exemplary role. The campaign shows that drinking in the presence of children influences the future drinking behavior of children.

Did you know…

… children from the age of two already form an image of how their parents deal with alcohol? That is why the exemplary behavior of parents - and also other family members - is so important. By not drinking alcohol in the presence of children and young people, you reduce the chance that they will start drinking (at an early age).

Setting a good example helps

You may think: but a curious teenager does what he wants anyway. Correct. But as parent(s) you have more influence on your child - and therefore also on your child's alcohol consumption - than you think. In addition to setting a good example, the tips below can also help.

  • Set rules. No alcohol before the eighteenth birthday is such a rule. Or: Report when you come home from a party.
  • Stay in touch and know where your child is and who he or she hangs out with. We call this monitoring. Pay attention to your child's living environment and stay involved.
  • Keep alcohol out of sight. This normalizes alcohol consumption.
What is leading by example?

That means adhering to the guidelines set by the Health Council. Do not drink alcohol and otherwise a maximum of 1 glass per day.

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