5 x a healthy podcast

Being healthy gives a kick. Watch you take a break. To get even more in the spirit Here you can read 5 podcast introductions that are about 'health'. In this big 5 you will become acquainted with the theme of health in the broadest sense of the word.

RIVM podcast Living Environment and Health

In the 'RIVM podcast Living Environment and Health', presenter Nienke de la Rive Box knocks on the door of the people behind the science of RIVM. She finds answers to questions such as: How is it possible that animals can make you sick in the city? Is it better for the environment if we eat healthier? Is silence actually healthier than noise? In the conversations she hears about the risks, but also what we can do ourselves to improve our environment and our health.

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The psychology of success

Health goes beyond what you put in your mouth or how often you literally move. Mental health is just as important. This podcast therefore largely focuses on mental health. With tools to get the most out of your life and to take good care of yourself: from sleep to fear of failure and from burn-outs to your immune system.

Listen to this podcast here


In the BNR podcast 'Better', journalist Harmke Pijpers will update you on the latest healthcare developments. And the topics are flying in all directions. Think of 'Tips against sleeping problems', 'Sex, drugs and rock & roll health at festivals', 'Magnesium for the athlete' or 'Quality of life, who determines that?'

Listen to this podcast here

The podcast psychologist

Another podcast from the "mental health" category. This podcast helps you with problems you encounter in everyday life. Tips & tricks from psychologists on the most diverse subjects, such as: envy, the power of music, improving your relationships, motivation, self-image and humor for example. There is bound to be a topic that interests you.

Listen to this podcast here

Life Without Stress

Sounds sweet right? Authors, coaches, speakers and podcast hosts talk about all things stress and how they deal with it. Listen smarter about cleaning up, coming into your own power, mental resilience, getting love & happiness out of yourself and stopping pleasing, among other things.

Listen to this podcast here


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