5 alcohol tips for parents

June 21, 2022 / Topical / Background

Smoking and drinking are not allowed before your eighteenth birthday. In fact, it is even better not to drink alcohol until you are twenty-four, because the brain is still developing until that age. Meanwhile, half of twelve to sixteen-year-olds sometimes drink alcohol. How do you deal with this as a parent? We come with 5 tips.

We have already written many articles about it. But it is a subject that we cannot bring up often enough: young people and alcohol. It's also difficult. How do you guide your child in this? The law is clear. You are not allowed to smoke or drink until you are eighteen. And yet it happens in abundance. And then?

Tip 1: Postpone, procrastinate, procrastinate

No, don't let it taste with a finger. Not a shandy either, no (beer with 7Up). Not even a small beer or a sip of champi, because it's party time. Put off the entire trial and discovery process of your teens for as long as possible. Make clear agreements with your child, continue to supervise, and talk about it. An appointment can be: 'always be honest about your alcohol consumption' or 'come and report when you get home'.

Tip 2: Don't slack off so much with child number

With the first you might keep the reins a little tighter and the second a little looser. But as a parent, keep your head up. Child number 2, 3 or 4 also need guidance.

Tip 3: Ask about your teen(s)' alcohol use

Ask the question 'How much and what did you drink' if they come in in the evening or at night. Or the next day when you speak to your son or daughter. As a parent, you probably see when your child embellishes the truth a little.

Tip 4: Awkwarrrrrd

Telling embarrassing stories about your own or someone else's drunken actions from the past. Most teens are ashamed of the slightest thing, so drinking weird behavior is something they want to avoid…hopefully…

Tip 5: Equate alcohol with smoking

Many young people are now aware of the harmful effects of smoking. You do not do that. And yet alcohol is just as harmful, but is still seen as a personal choice. So we still have some work to do in the field of imaging. Talk to your child about this. Equate alcohol with smoking. You don't do both. At least not before you turn eighteen. Not even a little. Just nothing at all.

Source: pointer.kro-ncrv.nl


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