3 x more beautiful by pausing

January 17, 2022 / Topical / Background

Sure, real beauty comes from within. But the eye also wants something. So many of us make an effort to look good. Healthy eating, enough sleep and regular exercise does something to your appearance. And you know what also helps? Pause! A person recovers from that.

Now that you temporarily do not drink alcohol, you will notice all kinds of benefits. Your organs will relax, you will feel mentally fitter and your wallet will become thicker. All nice coincidences. Speaking of beautiful windfalls, your outward appearance also benefits from a break. Read on.

  1. More beautiful skin

When you pause about your skin. Because you temporarily do not drink, your skin hydrates better. And that ensures a fresh and younger look. Within a few weeks the worst redness will disappear and your face will have a natural glow. What additionally stimulates the condition of your skin is drinking water, a lot of sleep, a good facial cleansing and eating enough vegetables. Read more about the influence of alcohol on your skin in the article: Mirror Mirror on the wall…

  1. Better sports performance

Are you a runner, tennis player, soccer player or avid dog walker? There is a good chance that your daily or weekly portion of exercise will be a lot easier for you. If you regularly drink alcohol, this has consequences for your resistance, sleep and your condition in general. This has an impact on your sports performance. Furthermore, drinking alcohol before exercise - think of sagging the night before - reduces focus, coordination, muscle strength and endurance during exercise. So you perform less well and you don't last as long as you exercise. Read more about the influence of alcohol on your sports performance in the article: The effect of alcohol on you and your sports performance.

  1. size less

Did you know that 32 percent of IkPas participants lose weight during a break? Of course, thinner does not necessarily mean more beautiful, but if you feel better with a few kilos less, then this is a win for you. Alcohol is a toxic substance that your body wants to get rid of as quickly as possible. That is why your liver first starts breaking down the alcohol. Only then will the calories that you have taken in come into play. The substances that your body cannot get to are stored as fat for as long as possible. By drinking alcohol, you actually put your normal combustion process on pause every time. Now that you pause, your combustion system is functioning again as it should. This can make your pants a bit looser. Read more about the relationship between alcohol and your weight in the article: Weight loss and alcohol.


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