10 x different relaxing

During the break period you will find that you need to find another form of relaxation. Where previously that cold beer or wine was for ultimate relaxation, you are now looking for it in a completely different angle. Do you have no idea what you can do to let the hustle and bustle of everyday life slip away? Then read the ten tips below.

Relaxation is very necessary. By relaxing, your body de-stresses, allowing you to better cope with the obligations of daily life. Relaxing also means doing things you enjoy. For some it's an afternoon of crochet and for others it's sport fishing. By doing what you really enjoy: you are happier in life and you can enjoy life more. Have you not found the ideal form of relaxation yet? Maybe he's in here.

  1. bath, book, bed

Fill the bath and provide it with a wonderfully smelling oil. While you float, read a good book or listen to a podcast. Then you slide into your bed warm and comfortable. Good night!

  1. Visit your favorite place

Cycle or walk to one of your favorite places in the area. Maybe that one beautiful fen in the woods, that beautiful church in the center or that roof terrace with breathtaking views?…Enjoy!

  1. Enchanting fireplace

Slide an easy chair in front of the fireplace and stare into the flames for a while. Above all, don't think about anything at all. Blessed!

  1. Walk towards your relaxation

Put on your running shoes and take a route you would never take otherwise. Who knows what you will see or encounter. When you get home, take a warm shower and make yourself comfortable on the couch.

  1. Game on!

Challenge yourself, or someone else, to finally break that record. A game on the Wii, Playstation or Nintendo can be wonderfully relaxing.

  1. Nice cooking

Love goes through the stomach, so with this way of relaxing everyone will find you the best father/mother/sister/friend/uncle/neighbor/brother in the world.

  1. Write it off you

To give word and meaning to your thoughts or just to clear your head, "writing everything off of you" is a good idea. Such a 'mind dump' can have a relieving effect.

  1. music maestro

Build a playlist on Spotify with all your favorite songs. Go from ballad to rock, from pop to jazz and everything in between. Oh yes, and singing along is a huge relief. Sorry neighbors!

  1. fidgeting

Take a seat in front of your window, on your balcony or on the bench in the park and look at all those -hurried- people. Think about where they are going and what kind of life they lead. Or don't think at all! Musing, staring or lounging in front of you is very relaxing and makes your brain more creative. Win win!

  1. Laugh

Laughing loudly and deliciously is relaxing and healthy! Watch your favorite stand-up comedian or listen to that one hilarious podcast. You can also meet up with a friend, who always knows how to put a smile on your face.

Which way of relaxing works best for you now that you are in your break period?

Let us know in a comment!


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